The Hess Collection : Allomi Cabernet



As you can tell, I changed my idea from last week. I always have the best intentions of staying within a winery for a few posts and then, poof, it’s like I never had that idea. Some other wine always catches my eye and I just go with it. This week, I’m featuring the Hess Collection and their Cabernet Sauvignon, ‘Allomi’. My coworker has had nothing but great things to say about this, so I was already inclined to try it. It was also on sale for under thirty dollars and that was too good to pass up.  We carry another label by Hess, their ‘Shirtail Ranch’ Cabernet Sauvignon. This label is sold exclusively to restaurants and is, honestly, an easy sell. We go through bottles of the stuff, so I expect this wine to be no less delicious than it’s predecessors. 


 The nose of this wine is very soft. It gives off the pleasant aroma of spice and oak that I have come to find necessary in the wines I choose to drink for pleasure. Seriously guys, there’s a reason I drink French wines more often than not. I can smell the alcohol before my nose even gets into the glass. This wine may be one of the highest alcohol percentages I’ve talked about so far, at 14.8%. You will never hear me complain about something having a high alcohol content. If anything, the bartender in me welcomes it. Fun fact about California Cabernets (while I’m thinking of it), Napa Valley plants more Cabernet Sauvignon than in all of California and the grape itself was first planted as far back as 1857. That’s quite a bit of longevity, but it’s easy to see why. California Cabernets are easy to drink and are versatile enough to pair with a variety of foods. However, I digress, the nose of this wine is beautiful and plush, without being pushy. The dark red fruit mingles beautifully with blackberry and currant notes, while the oak finishes it all out with a touch of spice. Extremely pleasant, if you ask me.

     The palette is gorgeous. This wine is velvety smooth and subtle, while still maintaining the ‘oomph’ classic California Cabernets have to offer. There is this lovely smokey finish and it’s just barely there but it compliments the wine beautifully. Those of you that have been keeping up with these know that Wednesday means a steak dinner, so this will pair beautifully. The tannins on this wine are very well-balanced and the overall effect is much smoother than I imagined. There is a nice, soft, crisp bite at the end of this wine that I’m enjoying immensely. The recommendations were correct, this wine is killer. The red fruits on the nose give way to both dark red and black fruits on the palette and  I genuinely am having a hard time leaving some of this in the b

ottle for dinner. I would love to enjoy some paired with my Ribeye and it’s difficult to put the glass down (wow I sound like a lush). This, however, is exactly what wine makers want and Hess should pat themselves on the back for achieving just that.

     Overall, I’m quite pleased with this wine. It’s beautiful and well rounded without being over the top and pretentious. The nose and palette are so soft and delicate, making it an easy wine to drink alone or to pair appropriately. This evening, it’ll be paired with sauteed corn with peppers and onions and grilled asparagus. I’ll probably throw a salad in there for good measure, but the real star will be the Ribeye. I simply cannot wait.

     I’d love to hear your feedback! Are there any wines you’d like to see me try? Pass it along and let me know!! I don’t need an excuse to drink, but it’s always nice to have one. As always, thank you all for your support and kind words. See you next Wednesday for June Talks Booze. 

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