Happy Fourth of July!

    Summer is in full swing and certainly down here in Atlanta. In case you were wondering, yes, the rumors are true: “Hotlanta” is an appropriate nickname. In sun is glaring down from the sky, I’m frantically trying to keep my plants alive (of course the succulents are thriving) and watered. That is almost a losing battle in and of itself. Aside from the heat, my flowers are in bloom, the kids are running a muck outside (no, not mine) and the fruit is TO DIE FOR

Here in the south, and most notably Georgia, peaches are a way of life. There are countless streets named after the fruit, our license are adorned with them; peaches are truly a way of life down here. It’s funny to think how much one little fruit impacts, but according to The New York Times, we are at an all time low. this impacts everything from food, to farms and farmers, to the jobs they bring to Georgia and South Carolina natives. The issue is our crazy weather. If you’ve spent any significant amount of time down here, you’d understand that our weather makes no sense. It’s a long running joke and source of frustration. Last winter was unseasonably warm for far too long and this has ultimately affected the crops. Many are predicting that the peach supply will all but stop by mid-July. I say, EAT ALL THE PEACHES YOU CAN NOW!!!!! Our peaches are known for being the juiciest and the ones I’ve been enjoying lately back that claim up and then some. I know they grow elsewhere, but everyone knows a Southern peach beats all others. So the other states that claim to have the best and juiciest peaches can keep ’em. We are the Peach state, through and through.


So what does that mean for me? Over the next few days, I’ll be cooking up some of my all-time favorite side dishes and desserts. If I had more time, I’d devote some of it to showing you various entrees that are sure to be a hit at any Fourth of July party. But, alas, work calls and I must answer. That’s okay, because what I have in store is good enough without a full-course meal. These dishes are meant to be quick and easily thrown together because, once again, who has time for anything else? It’s summertime! That means hot, lazy days by the pool and ice cold drinks (stay tuned for those in the future because I am a bartender and love my cocktails) in your hands. Yes, hands. Why not carry two? Twice the fun…? I digress, back to food. If there’s anything you guys would like me to tweak, let me know! I love hearing from you all and your feedback is vital to what I do. Next week, I’ll bring you one of my favorite haunts to check out. However, for now, feast your eyes upon the glorious masterpieces I’ll be creating. Guys, I just can’t wait to show you.


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